Neighbrsnook is a social networking app that makes communicating with your neighbours easier. This is a form of social media where you can interact with your neighbours without having to physically go over to their place. You can even initiate a discussion and talk about important issues in your neighbourhood enabling citizen participation in neighbourhood development. 

All encompassing

End to end platform for reaching out to your neighbours. May it be for carpool or hobbies like yoga, gym, dance, painting, sports; finding dependable service providers like carpenters endorsed by your neighbours; organising events like blood donation camps etc; seeking reliable advice for child care, tuition; getting neighbours opinion before starting new initiatives in the locality: selling, donating or borrowing household or sports items

Serving every urban neighbour’s needs

Safe and simplified communication channel amongst neighbours across apartment complexes, gated communities, individual homes etc.

Exclusive design

Native programming designed for outstanding user experience on both IOS and Android devices.

Why Neighbrsnook?

Neighbrsnook proposes to streamline neighbourhood communication. It's vision is not only to acquaint neighbours with predicaments/queries to those with solutions/answers but to also help build stronger and safer communities.


Customer Reviews

Neighbrsnook App is in the final stage of development and is currently under testing and expected to be launched very soon. Hence customer review section has focussed on expectations from pilot customers.


Intuitive app designed specifically for connecting neighbours seamlessly.



You may please send a message through the app and we shall get in touch with you.

We want to make Neighbrsnook a secure place. And by verifying the address we assure you that your neighbours are valid residents of your neighbourhood.

Every member must sign up with their real name. It’s matter of trust, just like when you meet a real person.

You can post anything that you may want to ask or share with your neighbours. You can even post about an event and invite people, or list an item you wish to borrow or donate or suggest a restaurant or look for recommendations for a cook or make a group with like-minded people.

Tagging a category makes the post that much more effective. By categorizing you are reaching out directly to those people who are interested only in that particular category. It also makes searching more efficient.

No. Currently we are only available on smartphones. Both Android as well as iOS mobile platforms are supported.

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We at Neighbrsnook are keen to participate in environment friendly initiatives. Here we share insights into matters that seek our immediate attention and action.